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1st Newsletter
May 2023


With this first newsletter, we are excited to announce the launch of the Hong Kong Seagrass Restoration Association (HKSRA) and its flagship project which aims to assess blue carbon stocks and enhance the carbon sequestration of local seagrasses. It has been a very busy first quarter in all areas (science, communication and outreach) in the development of the HKSR project.

Consolidating the core team:

To support the HKSR project, we hired Dr Diana Guerra-Forero (postdoctoral researcher), an expert on modelling carbon (blue/green) stocks/fluxes. Dr Guerra-Forero joined the group in February and will lead the assessment of blue carbon dynamics, stocks, and sources (autochthonous/allochthonous) in seagrass meadows. This is part of the pilot project that will set the baseline information before implementing restoration efforts. Dr Guerra-Forero is supported by Mr Khan Cheung, a recently hired Research Assistant who is developing fieldwork and analytical work as part of his PhD thesis at the University of Hong Kong. Both of them are continuously supported by members of Dr JD Gaitan-Espitia’s laboratory at the SWIRE Institute of Marine Sciences, at the University of Hong Kong.
In February and March, Dr Guerra-Forero hosted several meetings with different stakeholders, including NGOs (TNC and WWF), the Hong Kong Herbarium, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and the Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD). These meetings were organised to discuss our project activities and apply for the permits required to access field sites and to collect plant/seeds material for seagrass restoration. We now have all the necessary permits and the support of these organisations. The team has also started ecological surveys to monitor seagrass populations and started the collection of sediment cores for carbon stock assessments. Seagrass plants have been collected and are now under laboratory acclimation to follow flowers/seeds development as well as to test the survival of fragmented seagrass plants as part of a clonal reproduction approach for restoration.

Science, knowledge exchange
and outreach:

One fundamental ingredient for the success of restoration programmes is the inclusion of all potential stakeholders through the engagement of the community, knowledge exchange and science communication.

Marine Economy Summit Series:

JD was invited to the Frontier Research Summit at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he presented the, “Blue Chemistry and Sustainability” section and the goals and science behind the HKSRA. The event included presentations by the Hong Kong Government Marine Department, the Consul-General of Australia in Hong Kong and Macau, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong and the Founding President of GBA Carbon Neutrality Association

Marine Economy Summit Series  Frontier Research 23Mar2023

Marine Economy Summit Series

Frontier Research 23Mar2023

Dr. JD was invited to presented
Marine Economy Summit Series  Frontier Research 23Mar2023 - Inside the meeting

Dr. JD was invited to presented

Inside the meeting

By HKSR Team

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